Sound Ports Istanbul, a co-production of GulbabaMusic & Ata Mert Productions, has been moving forward since 2016 with the goal of creating a roof based on creativity in the field of culture, art and music.

Sound ports istanbul is a music, art & culture festival that is dedicated to it’s city & subcultures, interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges, positive people and positive thinking.



Organized by Gulbaba Music, the Sound Ports Istanbul is an independent art, culture and music festival dedicated to the city and its subcultures, interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges, as well as positive people and positive thinking.

Why do we dedicate ourselves to the city and its subculture?

We do so because this city is our home. This city, its streets, spaces, musicians, artists, thinkers and practitioners foster us, and they foster each other.  To remain creative, we want to multiply our sources and let each one of them stand out.


Why is the Sound Ports dedicated to interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges?

This is so because we do not "dictate" ourselves. Instead of uniform thinking, uniform creations and competition, we are creating spaces and situations in which we draw further inspiration and support from each other. Our aim is to serve as a roof under which everyone feels freer to express themselves.


Why positive people and positive thinking?

This is the only thing each one of us needs today. We want to gather around those works that enable us to better hear, listen to, see and observe each other. We are eager to discover each other and new things on the basis of positive thinking.


Why are we independent?

We want to retain the power of free expression and being able to say "no." To be able to expand our reach in culture, arts and music collections, make room for different people and ideas and retain the power of discovery, one must keep the culture of independence.


Why art? Why culture? Why music? Why, why?

They are inseparable elements that foster our identity and let us cling to life. To strengthen our bond with life, we want to increase the number of spaces to share, create, reinterpret and produce art, culture and music.


Sound Ports Istanbul aims to foster everyone crossing our path and to be fostered by them in turn. To let our paths cross, we maintain our dynamism and evolve through our program by including a broad range of contents woven with culture, art and music. We enjoy the exciting experience of designing and realizing Sound Ports every year, and we want this experience to grow further by sharing.


Hoping to meet you this year or at any future Sound Ports Istanbul festival!


Empower One Another,

13-14 October, 2018

The 3rd edition of Sound Ports Istanbul was held under the theme of Empower One Another with the support of Babylon, Bomontiada Courtyard, ATÖLYE and Bomontiada Alt.

With the theme of Empower One Another, we celebrated polyphony by including different branches and subcultures of creative industries. The festival opened up a space for polyphony and had the opportunity to live and experience an experience where people listened to, heard, shared and received strength from each other.


Journey Within 

March 24 - April 2, 2017

2017 saw a series of global and local events that left us with such questions as “what’s happening, what should I do, and what should I change?” leading us to a journey within. With the knowledge that the change must first start within, in our minds and souls, we dedicated our theme to the “Journey Within” and accompanied this journey in musical and artistic ways. In cooperation with ATA Mert Productions, we hosted more than 15 music performances at over 10 places across entire Istanbul.

Redrice b2b


13 Ekim


Bomontiada Avlu

Redrice b2b


13 Ekim


Bomontiada Avlu


Music Unites,

March 10-13, 2016

In the first year, with the theme “Music Unites”, we organized a festival that made visible the bond and unifying elements between the cultural capitals of both countries: Istanbul and Tel Aviv. In cooperation of MEM Artists and Gil Karniel, and in partnership with ATA Mert Productions, the festival took place on March 10-13, Istanbul, and March 9-12, Tel Aviv, at over 20 places with more than 30 performances from ethnic music to cumbia, electronic music to psychedelic music.

3 Days • 25 Artist • 17 Speakers
Moda Sahnesi
Kadıköy Sahne
8-9-10 November